Sarah Jane Evans Inborden

Written By: Devin Grooms-Lee – Great Great Great Great grandson of Wilson Bruce Evans & Great Great Great grandson of Sarah Jane Evans Inborden

Sarah Jane Evans Inborden

Early Life

Sarah Jane Evans Inborden was born on November 30, 1866 in Oberlin Ohio. She was the daughter of Wilson Bruce Evans and Sarah Jane Leary Evans who moved from North Carolina to live in Oberlin. Sarah Jane attended Oberlin High School, graduating in 1886, as well as Oberlin College, graduating in 1890. In adition to being a diligent student, she was also a devout member of the Second Congregational Church of Oberlin from a young age.

Sarah Jane Evans sitting

Professional Life

Although she was a dedicated mother and wife, Sarah Jane still had an impactful professional career. After she graduated from college she decided to begin missionary work all over America. During this time, she worked as an educator in Greenwood, South Carolina, Helena, Arkansas, Albany Georgia, and a 31-year stint at the Joseph K. Brick school in Enfield, North Carolina.

Sarah Jane and Children


Sarah Jane married Virginia-born Black educator Thomas Sewell Inborden. Together, they had 7 children, only 3 of whom made it to adulthood. Along with her studious and kind reputation, Sarah Jane was also an excellent mother who taught her children by example.

Sarah Jane Evans Inborden died on May 12, 1928 at the age of 61. Throughout her life she strove to be her best self and show others that they can too. She was a student, an educator, a mother, and most importantly, an example for others.


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