Evans House Rehabilitation Set to Begin in November!

The Wilson Bruce Evans Home Historical Society (Evans HHS) is excited to announce the imminent launch of Phase 1 of the rehabilitation of the Evans house at 33 East Vine Street. Phase 1 focuses on the replacement of the house’s decaying front porch, which dates to 1927, with a new structure designed in the architectural style of the mid-to-late 19th century. Also included in Phase 1 is repair and restoration of the house’s brick masonry.

Conceptual drawing of new front porch, courtesy of Robert P. Madison International Inc.

Evans HHS feels fortunate to have recruited Cleveland-based Ozanne Construction Company, Inc. to lead this project. Among the many buildings credited to Ozanne in Northeast Ohio are the NASA Glenn Research Center, the Glenville Circle North Mixed-Use Development, Nordson Corporate Headquarters, and Elyria City Hall.

Work on Phase 1 of the Evans house rehabilitation project is scheduled to begin in mid-November 2023 and to take 1-2 months. Evans HHS will soon be submitting to the National Park Service and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office plans for Phase 2, which will encompass rehabilitation of the one-story rear wooden wing of the house, restoration of the two-story Italianate core, and construction of an ADA-compliant annex to provide universal public access. We anticipate beginning this phase of the project in late spring 2024.